The Music of Leo Bowers

Music is what feelings sound like!

Welcome to The Music Of Leo Bowers


I'm Leo Bowers. The music I do and record may fall under the category of armature in some cases, but then I've been an armature since about 1969 in that case! I record everything at home and it's mostly for soul nourishment more than anything else. I do like experimenting with different sounds and instruments to help facilitate the pictures I paint. It's very true that I'm not like the others, but that's only because I'm not them and they're not me although I've been told that I share some common characteristics with some other mainstream artist from time to time. 


I put the music on here and if you're reading this then know that I put it here for you in hopes of adding still a little more variety to the music scene. I guess you could say my music is an alternative to hearing the same old media hyped pumped up versions of artist commercialism has managed to get their hands on.


Hope you enjoy,

Leo Bowers