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Like It or Hate It

Posted on June 22, 2014 at 11:05 PM


 I think the lyrics for this song are good for blogging because the meaning of anything I could possibly say about the subject is better expressed in the song itself. so here goes...

I recall when you were small - you didn't want for much at all

you were the apple of my eye

To watch you growing wild and free - It really meant so much to me

to see you grow into the person you are now

Don't be discouraged when you know what you like

listen to your heart love with all of your might

Like it or hate it


Like or hate what you want to

I'm not here to try to influence your mind

like or hate what you want to

no one can tell you what you have to like

Just cause you make it

they like it or hate it


Remember your first day of school - you tried to follow all the rules

you learned how it felt to be on the wrong side of unfair

That day the kids laughed at you - they tried to make you feel like a fool

you didn't see me but I was there

some things in life kindred souls have to share

never feel alone cause someone else is always there

Like it or hate it


Like what hate what you want to

everyone in life ain't gonna be on your side

like or hate what you want to

Listen to your soul and let your spirit fly

Just cause I say it

they like or they hate it


like it or hate it -  I'm gonna play it...


There's always someone else who feels it just the way that you do

There'll always be people who just don't care about you

Like it or hate it...


Like or hate what you want to

you have the right to choose what you like

like or hate what you want to

All you can give is what you have of this life

Like or hate what you want to...

Like it or hate it.













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