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I'm Sorry

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM



I can think back and still remember things I did wrong as far back as being 3 yrs. of age. I want so badly to be able to share some of those misdeeds, but this world doesn't really allow for that. Good people like to think they are forgiving and some probably genuinely are, but for the most part spilling our guts in public can get us stoned on a 21st century level which may not be quite so bad as the old fashioned way but nevertheless can totally scar you for the remainder of your lifetime.

I did however mention that I found my salvation in a prison cell. And that my friends is as true as my being molded by institutions like Fairfield School for Boys followed by the Marine Corps and so on...When you look back on your life do you ever see anything you would do different if only you could? If so then I know you can relate to what I'm talking about. I believe you - much like me, prefer to keep most of that under raps and probably for the same reasons.

The fact that I'm getting the listens and downloads piling up on this song suggest to me that there are many of like mind and to you I just want to say: The force that governs this existence in whatever belief system you have is totally aware of not only your wrongs, but your goodness as well. It is always open to your acknowledgement of it's being and is a very vital part of who you are so it has literally shared in every breath you take. As for Karma, it's impartial and fair to the exact. So whatever we've lived through and experienced is with us and can never be erased although it can be atoned for.

I don't need to tell you what atonement is because if you don't already know you will. There is a figure in our history as human beings who under a certain belief system allegedly atoned for all of the sins of mankind. So in that story the purest act of atonement was done for the love of man to last throughout all the ages into the next realm as it was handed down in text. Somehow I don't think that's exactly what it meant, after all text are only just that and if even this brief informative were re-written just over the next ten years by people of differing mindsets what's actually being said would deviate from the original content somewhat if not dramatically.

The fact is however we are still subject to Karma and the vast majority of the beings on planet Earth can attest to that in a way that parallels the laws of physics which are unquestionably precise. We can not get rid of Karma or change things back, but we can change our directions and characters thereby changing the effects Karma has had, and inevitably will have on our futures and that of our down line.


If you are reading this there is a definite reason for it pro or con. some will get it and understand what they really always held inside anyway, and others will reject and criticize the way they may be doomed to for eternity. You see I read a story too, even grew up on it! But I didn't understand it quite so well as I do today. At the very least I can share that with you in this subtle way by text and song. I am sorry for my wrongdoings, and there came the time when I realized it and moved on to do good with what I've been given to do it with in that knowledge. So have the many! I believe you will too if you haven't already.

With Love,

Leo Bowers







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