A Blast From The Past.

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I just had to share this, and 1st let me explain why. It was 1975 I had just returned home from the Marine Corps and was working with Jack Casey at Rome Recording Studio. I was driving Checker Yellow Cabs around on 12 hour options and spent most of my time up and down Main St. when I wasn't at the air port. I practiced these songs in the back seat between calls and the song was entitled "Mr. Trickster" flip side "Rock and Roll" which was later recorded at Rome Recording and released on Starr Records. While out and about doing my cab thing I happened upon the legendary Bob Hope at the cab stand in front of the Sheraton Hotel which was then located at Gay and 3rd. I was kind of scared to ask for his autograph so I put my friend (who was riding with me) "Melvin Roberson" (Jamal) up to it, he was scared of nothing. He gave Bob Hope one of the 45 rpm's and got his autograph on the sleeve of another. Now in 2014 39 years later I got a letter/note from a young lady named Laelia Delaney Davis who brought all those days back to mind and I'd like to share it with you so here goes. 

Jul 26th, 3:39am

"What the hell, you still exist?! I have a copy of your Leonard Wagoner Bowers Rock N Roll 45 on Starr and I have been planning on covering it for years, it is such an amazing song. I have searched your full name online with no result many times but never thought to try Leo Bowers til now. Please let me know if you would ever be able to meet for lunch and discuss your musical career. I'd love to do an interview"!!!


Laelia Delaney Davis


See page 2 #2238 Leonard Bowers Wagner

Pictures Rock and Roll

Mr. Trickster

This constitutes at least 39 years of being about it.

Thanks to God and all my friends!




Moved from "Skully's to "Shrunken Head"

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The show that was Scheduled for "Skully's" on March 30th 2014 has been moved to "Shrunken Head" due to an oversight in double-booking at Skully's. Needless to say the show goes on at the same time just a different location.




I'm On My Own (It's a song)!

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The effort I've put into the music business over the last two years hasn't really been intense. In fact it's been kinda laid back and to tell you the truth I was even really avoiding play dates here and there because I just couldn't get the band up the way I needed them. They put forth "good" effort, but for me good is not good enough when it comes to getting out and doing public presentations. Once my father pulled me to the side during a yard party my band and I where playing for him back in 1997 and I'll never forget his words. He said, "you guys are pretty good" then added, "you should be a solo act" I asked him what he meant because I'd never even considered that as an option until he explained. He said, "just you - Leonard W. Bowers Jr. or whatever you want to call yourself - just you! instead of a band name present yourself! Bands will come, go and change, but it's always going to be you"!

I never thought I was all that where I could have it that way, but I guess my Father did and even though I didn't quite get it then I do now. I'm a late learner in this life but maybe it's just prepping me up for the next. In any event Dad's not here to see it in person, but he's about to have his request come to life because not only am I going out as a solo artist I'm actually going out alone! I can't let the fact that the band can't carry me stop me from getting the music out and sometimes just making CD's and posting to the web just isn't enough. I guess what I'm trying to say is I see that I have to keep development moving always to the next level in order for it to grow. That goes for my make shift video's and everything else I do as a human being in this or any other lifetime. The good news is I don't have to stress it and it is allot like riding a bike once you learn you can roll the downside is if you don't keep rollin you won't get better you can definitely get worse or (rusty) which equates to sloppy on your square! So I want to look back and thank my Dad for telling me something he saw that I didn't which takes me back to one of my very first releases in 2006 - "I'm On My Own" Revision coming up next on the set list! Here's to my Dad to whom I will dedicate! Mr. Loner himself, and he did a job like no other! 

I'm On My Own